Transit Mixers

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KiCE Construction Equipment have implemented the final touches on its local manufactured transit mixer in which all various stages of testing and assessing have been finalized and green light for massive production has been set. The birth of this product was not an easy ride in which we had to take into consideration the competition in the market and see how we can be unique and different than others in quality as well as in design. That’s why, and in our Research & Development Department we have been able to build our drum mixers based on the defaults of the others and based on the latest technology available. For that to be a success, we had to link our drum mixer with the best components available in the market in which we are utilizing no less than ZF, the German Gearbox, as well as an Italian Hydraulic System and European standard Electronics. Currently, and with this being said, our Drum mixers would have never wished for a better start in which.