Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor


The belt conveyor produced by KiCE can economically and effectively convey all kinds of materials. In the industrial production, the belt conveyor is the bond for continuous production between the production mechanical machines to realize the continuity and automation of the production link and improve the production efficiency and reduce labor intensity. The belt conveyor moves according to the friction drive principle and its conveying solutionsaveraging from 30 up to 40 meters in length, conveying distance is long and conveyance is stable, and there is no relative movement between the materials and the belt. With the advantages of low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance and standard spared parts, it is widely used in the conveyance of bulk materials or piece articles and the production line in cement, chemistry, casting and building material industry. According to the conveying requirement, one belt conveyor can convey materials independently or several belt conveyors form or with other conveying machines form a horizontal or tilted conveying system.


The smooth, continuous surface of a conveyor is ideal for many product handling applications. Some of the benefits of conveyors include:

  • Small or delicate part handling
  • Accumulation
  • Inclining and elevating with high friction
  • Clean room environment
  • Small parts transfer
  • Quiet operation

Expert engineering Our many years of experience engineering, can offer solutions from one single source for the extremely tough operating conditions that prevail in the cement industry in which they provide different pre-engineered model for every application that meet customers specifications. This ensures each customers finds the perfect configuration for their product. Quality Testing All conveyors are run before being shipped to ensure out of the performance, saving the customer time and giving peace of mind.