QGM Block Making Machine

ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH became part of the QGM Group in July 2014. QGM Quangong Machinery is active in the concrete block industry since 1979
With ZENITH, you will get high-performance concrete block machines and plants, flexible transport systems for concrete, moulds and plants with an exceptional service life.


  • The Traveller ZENITH 913
  • Machine ZENITH 844
  • Machine ZENITH 940
  • Machine ZENITH 850
  • Machine ZENITH 860-4
  • Machine ZENITH 1500
The Traveller ZENITH 913

Hollows, solids, foundation and chimney blocks – to mention only a few examples. ZENITH model 913, the ideal concrete block making machine for economical mass production of high quality concrete blocks.

Machine ZENITH 844

Model 844 is a fully automatic, stationary multilayer machine. Designed for products ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm. With model 844 pavers are produced as easy as curbstones or landscaping products.

Machine ZENITH 940

The multi talent 940 offers the widest scope of production possibilities of all concrete block and paver machines available on the world market. Concrete cable ducts, manholes, prefabricated elements and even high products up to 1,000 mm used for land-scaping design.

Machine ZENITH 850

This machine is an ideal starter solution for medium scale markets or for ZENITH customers already operating multilayer machines of series 844, who want to expand their activities and change to single pallet production. Model 850 is designed for products with 50 mm up to 400 mm stone height and covers the large scope of concrete elements.

Machine ZENITH 860-4

The single pallet machine 860-4 incorporates efficient production, an excellent price/performance, combined with top engineering qualities. The 860-4 is designed for a comprehensive product range: from 50 to 500 mm height.

Machine ZENITH 1500

The newly designed high-performance single pallet machine ZENITH 1500 forms the centerpiece of a state-of-the-art and efficiently working concrete block production.