Other Products

KPC has the ability to produce different precast products with different shapes and sizes, some examples of other projects:

Kifah Boundary Walls

  • Kifah Boundary Wall Panels are manufactured in our wall panel Plant using advanced casting and curing machinery from Germany.
  • Kifah Hollowcore Boundary Walls provide an alternative wall method where 150 mm thick Hollowcore Slabs are used instead of wall panels. Finishes can be achieved either through sandblasting, concrete pigment and retarding agents and are variable for both Wall Panel and Hollowcore Boundary Walls.

Kifah Frame System

Kifah Precast presents the innovative Kifah Frame System to provide the precast solution for framing of low to medium rise and repetitive projects.

Kifah Frame System integrated the skeletal framework and cast in situ grade beams, floor beams and columns into load bearing Precast Frames.

With the optional use of Kifah Hollowcore Slabs and Kifah wall Cladding System, KPC provides total precast package ensuring the related benefits for Designers, Contractors and End-users.

Auxiliary elements

  • Precast Culverts
  • New Jersey Barriers
  • Wheel Stoppers