McNeilus Transit Mixer

Oshkosh-McNeilus is one of the innovative leader in the world for the supply and sales of all types of concrete transit mixers.
From 7m up to 12m cubed mixer bodies for fitment to the preferred chassis of our client’s choice. it Can be supplied as a mixer only, or complete truck with safety equipment systems.

McNeilus Mixers are dedicated to mixing innovation with quality in everything they produce. it continually designing new advances in their mixers and their innovations.
Ensuring that safety is an important factor for both the mixer operator, site engineers and at the same time the protection of the environment.


  • Standard Mixer
  • Bridgemaster Mixer
  • Front Discharge Mixer
Standard Mixer

Since 1975, the McNeilus Standard Mixer has defined what a concrete mixer should be. the Standard Mixer features the most robust drum in the industry. Components, like ZF gearboxes, ensure reliability and maintain resale value.

Bridgemaster Mixer

The McNeilus Bridgemaster is among the most productive, durable and cost-effective federal-bridge-compliant mixers. It includes most of the performance features of the Standard Mixer, plus the patented Bridgemaster load-distribution tag axle that allows higher legal payloads.

Front Discharge Mixer

The front discharge mixer has a history of top performance and durability. Among the S-Series features are the comfortable cab design, a full walk-around hopper, smooth operation and the all-business McNeilus drum.