Batching Plant Type A / B / C

  1. Feed Hopper
  2. Radial Conveyor
  3. Aggregate Bins
  4. Aggregate Weigh
  5. Batch Conveyor
  6. Cement Silo
  7. Cement Weigh Hopper
  8. Mixer

Batching Plant Dry

  1. Ramp
  2. Aggregate Bins
  3. Aggregate Weigh Hopper
  4. Weigh Conveyor
  5. Batch Conveyor
  6. Cement Silo
  7. Cement Weigh Hopper

Mobile Batching Plant

  1. Feed Hopper
  2. Feed Conveyor
  3. Aggregate Bins
  4. Aggregate Weigh Hopper
  5. Weigh Conveyor
  6. Built in Silo
  7. Cement Weigh Hopper
  8. Mixer
  9. Batch Cabin


Electrical House (E-House) is a complete power distribution substation that is designed, engineered and factory integrated, tested, validated and delivered on site.

The E-House helps you reduce construction lead times, optimize the cost of transportation, installation and commissioning, and enhance uptime thanks to qualified and reliable design.

  • Increase safety for people and equipment
  • CAPEX reduction thanks to reduced engineering, installation, and commissioning costs
  • The complete engineered solution is controlled, tested and pre-commissioned within the factory it enables to save time on-site
  • OPEX reduction via a highly serviceable design and local technical experts
  • Enhanced uptime due to qualified and reliable design
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mineral, Mine & Metal
  • Utilities
  • Railways
  • Marine

Washing Plant

This product has been a huge success among most of the customers sold to because of its durability and liability and ability to perform the job requested from it. This cleaning and washing gives better raw materials and lessens the risk on producing weak ready-mix which will not be able to cope with the strength requested from it.

Output Capacities
  • As per Requirement
Control Unit
  • Panel with push buttons
Aggregate Feeding
  • 10 Ton Hopper
  • 7.5 meter X600 mm wide convoyer
  • Feeding to washing unit
  • 10 Ton 3.3 L X 3.3 W X 2.9 H meter
  • Unit with electric viberator
  • with auto time off
  • 13.5 m convoyer with rotatable chute for different gravel size storage
Washing Unit
  • 3 Layers (2 x 1.5 meters)
  • Pyramid shaped water collector
  • 1.9 X 1.8 meter (opening)
  • Distributing radial conveyor
  • We can accommodate any capacity required