ELE International (UK)


ELE specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation.

ELE Products:
01. Soils Testing Equipment

ELE materials testing equipment enables the accurate classification of soils and the measurement of key parameters such as moisture, density, shear strength, permeability, bearing capacity, and compaction

02. Concrete Testing Equipment

ELE concrete testing equipment is designed to ensure that these different types of concrete can be tested to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of each project.
Fresh concrete is tested onsite and in the laboratory using the slump test and air entrainment meters to check the water-cement ratio, air content and workability.

03. Cement Testing Equipment

ELE comprehensive range of cement testing equipment enables the mixing, molding and curing of samples prior to compressive and flexural/tensile strength testing of prisms, cubes and briquettes.

04. Aggregate Testing Equipment

ELE aggregate testing range includes the sampling equipment specified in international standards and sample preparation equipment such as ovens and balances. Moisture content can also be measured in the field with the Speedy Moisture Tester.

05. Asphalt Testing Equipment

ELE manufactures a comprehensive range of field and laboratory asphalt testing equipment to ensure compliance with quality and performance specifications.

06. Rock Mechanics Testing Equipment

ELE range of rock mechanics testing equipment includes rock core drills, specimen extruders, core trimmers and cut-off machines for sample preparation, and the laboratory equipment necessary for rock testing.

07. Lab Testing Equipment

A construction material testing laboratory represents a potentially harsh environment for laboratory equipment, so it is important that the specified equipment is fit for use. ELE therefore only supplies robust, high quality equipment that is suitable for the demands of a materials testing laboratory.