Junjin Concrete pumps

KiCE has the exclusive dealership to market and distribute JUNJIN pumps in the kingdom and Gulf including all the kinds: mobile or static in all lengths from 25 to 63 meter that is why it was in great demand in the kingdom and Middle East.

  • Pipe size(ID) metric 125mm(5”)
  • Elbow All standard size
  • Coupling size 140mm(5.5”)
  • End hose length 4m(13’1”)
  • Boom control valve Proportional(BY HAWE)
  • Proportional radio remote control Standard
  • Wire remote control Standard
  • Vibrator Option
  • Water pump Rust proof hydraulic power
  • 20bar (290psi)
  • Water tank 600L (158G)
  • Output rod side 181m /h (235yd /h)
  • piston side 122m /h (159yd /h)
  • Pressure rod side 87bar(1266psi)
  • piston side 130 bar(1880psi)
  • Concrete cylinder diameter 230mm(9”)
  • Concrete cylinder type Hard chromed
  • Stroke length 2100 mm (83”)
  • S-tube size 8” x 7”
  • Main oil pump Rexroth hydromatik
  • Tandem A20VLO190
  • Hydraulic system pressure 350bar(5075psi)
  • Lube system (hopper) Automatic
  • Switching system Hydraulic
  • Hopper capacity Easy clean 600 L (158 G)
  • No. of strokes/min 34
  • Output control range 20(26)~177 m /h(232yd /h)
  • Vertical reach 62.2m(204’1”)
  • Horizontal reach 58.2m(190’9”)
  • Unfolding height 12.8m(42’)
  • 1st section length 12.8m(42’)
  • 2nd section length 11.1m(36’4”)
  • 3rd section length 11.1m(36’4”)
  • 4th section length 12m(39’4”)
  • 5th section length 11.2m(36’7”)
  • Swing Style
  • Front Spread 11.5m(37’7”)
  • Rear Spread 13.5m(44’3”)

McNeilus Transit Mixer

Oshkosh-McNeilus is one of the innovative leader in the world for the supply and sales of all types of concrete transit mixers.
From 7m up to 12m cubed mixer bodies for fitment to the preferred chassis of our client’s choice. it Can be supplied as a mixer only, or complete truck with safety equipment systems.

McNeilus Mixers are dedicated to mixing innovation with quality in everything they produce. it continually designing new advances in their mixers and their innovations.
Ensuring that safety is an important factor for both the mixer operator, site engineers and at the same time the protection of the environment.


Standard Mixer

Since 1975, the McNeilus Standard Mixer has defined what a concrete mixer should be. the Standard Mixer features the most robust drum in the industry. Components, like ZF gearboxes, ensure reliability and maintain resale value.

Bridgemaster Mixer

The McNeilus Bridgemaster is among the most productive, durable and cost-effective federal-bridge-compliant mixers. It includes most of the performance features of the Standard Mixer, plus the patented Bridgemaster load-distribution tag axle that allows higher legal payloads.

Front Discharge Mixer

The front discharge mixer has a history of top performance and durability. Among the S-Series features are the comfortable cab design, a full walk-around hopper, smooth operation and the all-business McNeilus drum.

Volucon Volumetric Batching Plant

Volucon supplies the best in class volumetric-measuring and continuous-mixing concrete equipment, optimised for the Middle East and Africa.

Each Volucon unit can produce more than 1,000 cubic meters of fresh concrete per day (requires reloading with a cycle time of less than 10 minutes, or the units can be continuously refilled to give non-stop production for complex pours).

By mixing the concrete freshly, where it is needed, to internationally recognized standards, new opportunities present themselves.

Snowkey Ice Plant

Snowman’s product portfolio for the construction industry includes a range of flake ice systems, which are used to keep batching and mixing concrete at the optimum temperature, as well as thermal ice storage system.

Product Description
  1. Cost saving technology
  2. Simple to maintain design
  3. Overall proposal
  4. Conform to the PED standard
  5. Max temperature: 60º C
  6. Wet-bulb temperature: 30º C
  7. Water-in temperature: 46º C
  8. Water-out temperature: 0.5º C

Water Chiller

Application fields:
  • Industrial equipment cooling
  • Agricultural products processing
  • Concrete cooling
Product Features:
  • ISO standard 20ft container, easy to move.
  • Special refrigeration system and electric system design ensure stable running in atrocious working condition. Using world famous brand fittings, ensure the equipment in high quality and easy to do the maintenance.
  • The water line has three cooling stage control, ensure energy-saving running. Each stage controls the water out temperature automatically; the final water out temperature can reach 0.5℃.
  • First stage and second stage evaporator using high efficiency heat exchange pipe, ensure high performance and easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Third stage evaporator using immersion type heat exchange pipe, with air agitation system, having high freeze- proof property.
  • Having water return mode, when water temperature inside the storage water tank is high, the water chiller will start up automatically to chill down the water to setting low temperature.
  • The products specification model is complete to fulfill the deferent application fields.
  • Modular design, ensure the water chiller working high effectively and lower energy consumption.

QGM Block Making Machine

ZENITH Maschinenfabrik GmbH became part of the QGM Group in July 2014. QGM Quangong Machinery is active in the concrete block industry since 1979
With ZENITH, you will get high-performance concrete block machines and plants, flexible transport systems for concrete, moulds and plants with an exceptional service life.


  • The Traveller ZENITH 913
  • Machine ZENITH 844
  • Machine ZENITH 940
  • Machine ZENITH 850
  • Machine ZENITH 860-4
  • Machine ZENITH 1500
The Traveller ZENITH 913

Hollows, solids, foundation and chimney blocks – to mention only a few examples. ZENITH model 913, the ideal concrete block making machine for economical mass production of high quality concrete blocks.

Machine ZENITH 844

Model 844 is a fully automatic, stationary multilayer machine. Designed for products ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm. With model 844 pavers are produced as easy as curbstones or landscaping products.

Machine ZENITH 940

The multi talent 940 offers the widest scope of production possibilities of all concrete block and paver machines available on the world market. Concrete cable ducts, manholes, prefabricated elements and even high products up to 1,000 mm used for land-scaping design.

Machine ZENITH 850

This machine is an ideal starter solution for medium scale markets or for ZENITH customers already operating multilayer machines of series 844, who want to expand their activities and change to single pallet production. Model 850 is designed for products with 50 mm up to 400 mm stone height and covers the large scope of concrete elements.

Machine ZENITH 860-4

The single pallet machine 860-4 incorporates efficient production, an excellent price/performance, combined with top engineering qualities. The 860-4 is designed for a comprehensive product range: from 50 to 500 mm height.

Machine ZENITH 1500

The newly designed high-performance single pallet machine ZENITH 1500 forms the centerpiece of a state-of-the-art and efficiently working concrete block production.

Placing Boom

The hydraulic climbing type is ideal for high rise buildings, bridges and dams. placed on tubular columns, they can climb up automatically with self-climbing system, enabling the concrete to be delivered exceptionally fast and cost effectively.

  1. The machine is fully hydraulic control and can slewing 360°
  2. The balance valves are products of oil control company of Italy and the solenoid directional valves are products of Rexroth Company of Germany
  3. The main electric components are products of the world-renowned brand such as Omron or Schneider.
  4. There are two modes of operation: radio remote control and cable remote control

Stationary Pump

Truemax concrete trailer pump includes different types to meet various needs. It is famous at the worldwide market for its high reliability and efficiency.